Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Twelve Basic Hellenic Characteristics

- Hellenic Paideia and ability to understand the abstract hellenic meanings and ideas in their full depth.

- Polytheistic perspective of Cosmos (selfcreation, non-linear time, multiplicity of the Divine e.t.c.)

- Eleutheroprepeia and Parrhesia - to stand and act as a free person (the status of the free has to be
proven in an everyday basis).

- Tolerance and understanding for all the other ethnic cultures. Dialectical and reasonable word.

- Eugeneia, Eunomia and Euseveia (harmonious personal and sociopolitical Ways, respect for the Divine).

- Constant awareness and desire for the Excellent (aristevein).

- Bravery and aphobia (abscence of fear).

- Kata physin zein (living according to the Natural Laws, familarity with the human body, high ecological conscience e.t.c.).

- Prudence, disinterest in the mundane and frugality.

- Direct Democracy, Panarchy (full sociopolitical participation), emphasis to the Sociopolitical than the Private element of everyday life.

- Personal and ethnical Self-Knowledge (the Know Yourself saying, for both the individual and the ethnos).

- Polymereia and industriousness.

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